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CT Consulting specializes in guiding nonprofit organizations through a variety of processes. Our dedication, high-level expertise, and on-the-ground experience ensures that each client is successful in advancing their missions.

We believe in actively engaging clients to create solutions. Drawing on extensive leadership expertise and utilizing rigorous research methods, we support the unique needs of each organization.

Can you articulate how your organization fulfills its mission, what you expect to achieve, and the steps needed to get there? If not, CT Consulting can help you answer those questions and more.

Corporate formation

Corporate formation for nonprofits is a multistep process that requires careful consideration and strategic vision. It’s crucial that organizations set themselves up for success during the process of becoming a tax-exempt entity. Our consulting process makes sure that new nonprofits are set up for success upfront and have the foundation, and plan, to be successful. 

CT Consulting specializes in helping organizations hone in on their mission and how they plan to accomplish their goals. This is a key step when filing the forms to incorporate as a nonprofit. During this corporate formation process, some groups decide that a nonprofit structure is not ideal. When making this decision, we offer an unbiased evaluation of the best steps forward.


We provide guidance to organizations who may need to evolve into a different type of entity, to be reinstated because of the loss of tax exemption, or to dissolve. Our in-depth understanding allows you to move confidently through these processes.

Organizational Leadership: C-Suite

What kind of leader does your organization really need? Define your goals and set your executive suite up for success with any executive search process. When filling a vacancy in the C-Suite, your organization has an opportunity to step back and take inventory of what direction its leadership has been heading in and capitalize on the unique opportunity to strengthen your organization by thinking strategically. We also provide interim CEO or Executive Director services, to keep things running smoothly while your organization is in transition.

Organizational Leadership:
Board Development and Governance

Tax-exempt boards are responsible for two things: #1. Ensuring that resources are available to fulfill the mission and #2. Ensuring that those resources are allocated properly. This means that boards who understand their strategy and purpose will certainly experience success. CT Consulting can support your board in developing a road map that sets you on the right path by asking the right questions. There are many ways to strengthen your governance structure. For some organizations, we recommend executing a full strategic planning process. Others may benefit from an external mapping analysis, increasing board capacity and engagement, or strategically assessing your recruiting processes, internal policies, and bylaws.

Evaluation and Assessment

What impact are you making, and does that impact fulfill your mission? Whether you are evaluating a single program or a full organization, evaluation can feel like a burden or resource drain for many nonprofits. Our consulting process seeks out simple ways to evaluate in ways that make sense for your organization. Even if you have funding or capacity restraints, we help you create evaluative processes that can thrive within your existing organization.

Impact doesn’t always equal effectiveness. Metrics are important, but sometimes they don’t tell the full story. Our evaluative consulting process considers quantitative and qualitative analysis, allowing you to gain an unbiased understanding of your nonprofit’s impact—positive and negative. CT Consulting steps in to provide an outsider’s perspective, so you can move forward confidently knowing what is best for your mission.

Fundraising and Development

CT Consulting supports nonprofits in strategizing the “why” behind the dollar signs. If a big funder comes along and offers your nonprofit one million dollars, will you know how exactly to use it, down to the penny? We offer strategic support in the development stages of fundraising, so you can plan campaigns with a clear purpose. A rock-solid fundraising campaign starts with a clear vision.

Feasibility Studies and Special Projects

Is your organization thinking about moving in a new direction or seeking new sources of funding? Before you dive headfirst into a new arena, save time, money, and resources by engaging in a feasibility study.

Feasibility studies for nonprofits are an exciting part of our work at CT Consulting. Each process can involve a variety of different services, including mapping analysis, stakeholder interviews, and external research. CT Consulting works with you to determine the right avenue for your feasibility study, and helps you determine if your new direction matches up with your goals.

Oftentimes, organizations can benefit from the perspective or support of an outsider with nonprofit expertise. CT Consulting is always open to working on unique special projects. We can facilitate important meetings, run workshops, review grant assessments, provide management reviews, and more. We are excited to hear what you have in mind, and we’ll be happy to provide support or point you in the right direction.

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